Actividades Principales

We carry different types of equipment that let us develop multiple kinds of dredging projects such as marinas, canals, lagoons, golf courses, beach renourishment, etc.

Among our dredging equipment we have:

  • IMS 7012 self propelled dredge.
  • 70 ft dredging boat.
  • Over 45 submersible electric pumps.


Great for:

  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Water vegetation


  • Self propulsion and wire system
  • Efficient and maneuverable
  • Discharge 8" Suction de 10"
  • 4000 GPM @ 200 ff TDH Pump
  • More than 150 m3 of solids in a 4.3" diameter
  • 1 km shooting distance
  • Dredges up to 8.5 m deep

Dragado en la Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.


Trabajos de Dragado en la Bahía de Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

Our dredgin boat "BD 1" is ideal for dredging in the ocean and close to the shore due to it´s great maneuverability and seagoing capacity.

Nuestro barco "BD 1" es ideal para trabajos de desazolve y dragado en ambientes marinos debido a su gran capacidad de maniobrabilidad y navegación.




  • Two suction 75DP TOYO pumps with a combined performance of over 150 m3/h.
  • 10 ton. capacity hydraulic crane.
  • Fire water pump.
  • 300kw electric generator.


Starboard side of our "BD 1" boat
Suction pump with jet ring Suction pump discharge
Barco BD1
Stern and bow view of our "BD 1 " boat with the crane extended
Fire water pump discharge