Marenter uses geosynthetics for several erosion control applications. The most important products are geotextile tubes, slope reinforcement mattresses, solids antidispersion floating barriers and scour aprons.

The company has specialized in designing, constructing and installing geotextile tubes. We have a shop specially for its manufacturing. Using these geotextile tubes of great size and extreme resistance of the materials, breakwaters are constructed for beach protection and recovery.

Geotextile tube manufacturing shop

Geotextile tritubes

Reinforcement mats aid the grow of vegetation and prevents the slope form erosion while its growing.  They are mostly employed in areas in constant wind or water. They are ideal for golf courses and artificial lakes and lagoons.

The materials are resistant to UV rays and natures attack.




Geotextile installation in Laguna del Mar,  Puerto Peņasco, Sonora


Geotextile tube breakwater