Why create reefs? Human activities and natural disasters have led to the constant reduction of natural reef systems. The loss of natural systems plus the ever more increase in usage, makes us do whatever possible to save natural reefs. Because these don't grow as fast as to comply with the demand, strong and lasting artificial reefs are a great tool to equal the natural productive balance of reef systems.


Increase the appeal and tourist value of your hotel!

With artificial reefs you can create submerged breakwaters without compromising the scenery and have proved their effectiveness promoting sand to deposit and coastal erosion control. They can also be used to foment eco-tourism programs such as:

  • Interactive aquariums

  • Snorkeling paths

  • Diving and/or Fishing spots

  • Coral Transplant

Marine Organisms

To simulate natural reefs in attractiveness for marine life such as fish, octopus, crustaceans, mollusks, etc. artificial reefs have different heights, size and can have several holes in them which can even be interconnected. The surface of a artificial reef is made to resemble that of a natural reef and also the concrete formula allows sea algae and coral to grow on it. This concrete has a life span of hundreds of years.

Coral growth on an artificial reef in a 5 years span.

Coral transplant on a artificial reef

Coral and sea algae on a artificila reef over an 8 year period



Different models of being downloaded from barge near to anchoring position and then towed using buoys, inflatable lifts and a outboard motor boat to pull them to the final location.